The IoT in 2018: Four reasons to excited, four reasons to be worried

December 19, 2017

Stephen.Evanczuk-December 19, 2017

IoT security is gaining traction

To be excited about IoT security in 2018, it helps to be an optimist. As mentioned later, there’s plenty to worry about when it comes to security. The good news is the industry has at least recognized the need for architectural solutions beyond a scattering of point technologies for encryption, authentication, secure boot, and the like.

One of the reasons for optimism is the growing emergence of security efforts such as Microsoft’s Project Sopris and ARM’s broad commitment to security starting at the top. In the company’s Security Manifesto, ARM CEO Simon Segars called for greater shared responsibility for security – a view shared by many corporate decision makers as noted later. Along with this call for a collaborative approach to security, ARM has offered an outline for an architectural approach. Here, ARM proposes use of threat models and security analyses to drive implementation of specific services based on an overall Platform Security Architecture definition (Figure 7).

Figure 7. ARM’s approach tailors an architectural plan to implement the security foundation required to meet specific threat models. (Source: ARM)

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