Designing algorithms for nextgen DSP apps -

Designing algorithms for nextgen DSP apps


Lately there has been a lot of activity in two apparently unrelated technologies – WiMax/LTE, the successor to 3G/4G in next generation mobile devices, and digital signal processing. However, the key to the heightened activity in next gen mobile devices is software defined radio (SDR), which depends on high throughput and flexible DSP engines.

So the scramble is on to get key DSP technologies in place with Intel licensing Ceva’s DSP IP, NXP building adual core Digital Signal Controller with the ARM Cortex-M4 and M0 cores; TI combining dual ARM Cortex A8 and its own DSP engine; Freescale developing awireless base station DSPmulticore device; and Mindspeed’s 26 core DSP SoC  for cellular base stations.And at the 2010 ARM Techcon, half a dozen classes were devoted to the ways to build and make use of various multicore combinations of ARM CPUs and associated DSPs.

Building the hardware to use these new processors and then coding the software to run on the diverse architectures will be challenging enough. Even more challenging is the problem of building and adapting the signal processing algorithms that will be necessary. To help you with that, listed below are some of the many algorithm design articles that have run on EET/ that I have found especially useful and informative:

Tested and effective methods for speeding up DSP algorithms

What's your sine? Pick the right algorithm for digital frequency synthesis

Speeding up the CORDIC algorithm with a DSP

Detecting CTCSS tones with Goertzel's algorithm

The Goertzel Algorithm

Implementation of Trig Functions using a CORDIC algorithm

Fixed-Point DSP and Algorithm Implementation

Fit the hardware to the algorithm with SystemC models

Using object-oriented MATLAB for DSP

In addition here are some of my favorite DSP Tricks by Richard G. Lyons, author of “Understanding Digital Signal Processing”:

Approximate envelope detection

Computing inverse FFTs using the forward FFT

Doing Zero-phase filtering

An odd way to build a simplified FIR filter structure

For a full list of his DSP algorithm design articles click here. For even more in-depth design information on digital signal processing, go toMore about Embedded DSP, a compendium of all the DSP-related design articles that have run on since 2005. For broader issues relating to algorithm development and implementation in hardware or software, you should also check out theEET/Signal Processing DesignLine.

SDR, WiMax/LTE and all things wireless are allexciting new application areas for DSP-based embedded systems development and I would like to hear from you about your design and product how-to article ideas and/or your opinions, in the form of blogs I can publish on the site.

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