Designing fixed point IIR filters with Matlab/Simulink -

Designing fixed point IIR filters with Matlab/Simulink


In “Fixed-point-IIR-filter challenges , “ Michael Christensen and Fred J Taylor, University of Florida and the Athena Group, describe the problems facing designers when they want to translate a set of frequency-domain design specifications into a transfer function that is based on recognized IIR-filter models.

He describes first how to use the SPT (signal-processing toolbox) and FDATool  (filter-design and -analysis tool ) in The Mathworks' Matlab, to obtain many of the objects needed to IIR-transfer function and use them to synthesize a classic fixed-coefficient filter based on user-specified passband-critical frequencies and maximum attenuation and stopband-critical frequencies and minimum attenuation

He then describes how Simulink can be used to perform an end-to-end fixed simulation of an eighth-order Chebyshev II IIR lowpass filter and then test the final configuration.

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