DesignWest 2012 Newsletter blurb -

DesignWest 2012 Newsletter blurb

DESIGN West 2012 Tracks

The Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley is now part of DESIGN West 2012: same venue, same excellent program, but ESC is now joined by six other design summits. Go to DESIGN West for more info at

Browse the ESC tracks . Tracks include:
Android Certificate Program (6 sessions)
Architecture Design (4)
Best Practices: S/W and H/W (11)
Challenges and Solutions in Embedded Design (10)
Connectivity and Networking (8)
Debugging and Optimizing (9)
FPGAs in Embedded Systems (5)
Hacking Embedded Systems (5)
Hardware, Systems Architectures, and I/O (9)
Linux, Android and Open Source (7)
Low-Power and SWaP Design Tradeoffs (6)
Microcontrollers and SoC's in Embedded Design (5)
Modeling, Prototyping, and Development (2)
New Directions in Software, Processes and Tools (5)
Programming, Languages, and Techniques (10)
Reasons to Consider Agile Development (6)
RTOS and Real Time (5)
Security and Safety Come to Embedded (6)
Sponsored Training (1)
Static Code Analysis (3)
Top 10 Lessons Learned (from Disaster!) (3)

The Embedded Systems Conference
The Android Summit
Black Hat Summit
Designing with LEDs
The 7th Annual Multicore DevCon
Sensors in Design 2012

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