Desktop system tests, verifies, validates model-based designs -

Desktop system tests, verifies, validates model-based designs

The MathWorks has just released SystemTest, which provides a framework for engineers to develop and automate testing for verifying algorithms and models using Model-Based Design.

According to Brett Murphy, manager, technical marketing for The MathWorks, SystemTest manages and streamlines the testing process for system development by enabling continuous verification and validation starting at the specification and design phase.

With this capability, he said, engineers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, and communications industries can use the integrated simulation and test environment that SystemTest provides as a consistent testing framework for Model-Based Design.

“Because the framework handles design and software testing, engineers can reuse the tests they create early in the development process throughout their development process, reducing development effort,” he said. “Additionally, test reuse ensures standard and repeatable verification throughout the workflow, increasing a product or design's quality by ensuring a consistent process.”

Providing engineers with a framework for setting up and executing tests, managing input/output data, and analyzing results, the test framework can sweep parameters quickly and allow a developer to easily analyze multi-dimensional datasets, providing a complete picture of the system being tested. The framework also provides the ability to reload the results of simulations and measurement sequences for further analysis and comparison.

SystemTest is available immediately on Microsoft Windows, UNIX/Linux, andMacintosh platforms, with pricing starting at $2,000.

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