Dev kit aids design with 3D radar imaging sensor -

Dev kit aids design with 3D radar imaging sensor


LONDON — Vayyar Imaging has introduced a new mmWave evaluation kit giving engineers and software developers access to its 3D radio-wave–based imaging sensor technology. The kit, which includes a chip with 40-transceiver array (40 Tx/Rx) complete with field-of-view (FOV) embedded antennas and wide-band 60-GHz imaging radar, enables development of applications for smart homes, robotics, retail, medical, and other industries.

The company’s new Walabot-60GHz evaluation kit, which facilitates development, integration, and scaling of 3D radar image sensing SoCs, is a three-dimensional RF-based sensor and imaging system that can be installed on a wall or ceiling and detects objects in a defined arena and displays a real-time image of their positions within that area. The system comprises a 60-GHz RF sensor unit, an evaluation kit (EVK) engine that hosts software-performing signal-processing functions, a web GUI providing the user interface client software that communicates with the EVK engine via a TCP/IP connection, and an optional customer developed API client to communicate with the EVK engine via a TCP/IP connection.

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