Dev kit helps developers explore mmWave sensing -

Dev kit helps developers explore mmWave sensing

Mini-Circuits offers the VTRIG-74 evaluation kit to help researchers and engineers develop 3D mmWave imaging and sensing systems. Based on Vayyar’s RFIC technology and radar IP, the compact kit includes the entire mmWave front-end and analog baseband signal chain for up to 40 antennas.

The VTRIG-74 furnishes 20 transmit antennas and 20 receive antennas that can be configured to transmit and receive signals anywhere within a frequency range of 62 GHz to 69 GHz. A synthesizer generates stepped-frequency continuous waveforms and sweeps over the frequencies and transmit antennas. The receive resolution bandwidth, start and stop frequency points, and number of frequency points (from 2 to 151) are adjustable with three predefined transmit profiles.

An application programming interface (API) for Windows allows access to the Vayyar RF sensor unit and integration of Vayyar’s noncontact RF sensors into a user-developed system. The API tool is also compatible with Python and MATLAB to accommodate a wide range of university and research requirements.

Supplied with a DC power supply and USB Type A to Micro USB V2.0 cable, the VTRIG-74 evaluation kit costs $2995 and can be purchased directly from Mini-Circuits.

>> This article was originally published on our sister site, EDN: “Kit explores 3D mmWave imaging.”


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