Dev kit simplifies analog design with MCU precision AFE -

Dev kit simplifies analog design with MCU precision AFE


The Renesas Solution Starter Kit (RSSK) offers hardware, software, and tools for evaluating the RX23E-A microcontroller’s precision 24-bit delta-sigma ADC. With the RSSK, users without any analog front end (AFE) development experience can accurately evaluate analog characteristics to the nanovolt level.

RX23E-A 32-bit microcontrollers leverage an AFE that measures temperature, pressure, flow, and weight with precision of less than 0.1% without calibration, making them well-suited for industrial automation and measurement equipment. The RSSK evaluation board is outfitted with a plug-in terminal block to connect a variety of sensors without soldering, a thermocouple connector, and a reference junction compensation circuit required for thermocouple measurement, as well as RS-485 and CAN driver ICs.

Through a PC and the kit’s GUI (figure below), users can enter and change settings for a variety of AFE and ADC parameters, as well as display graphs and histograms of A/D conversion results.

Power is supplied via a USB connection. In addition, the evaluation board can be connected to an emulator for application development.

The Renesas Solution Starter Kit for the RX23E-A microcontroller costs $464.

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