Dev kit software simplifies IoT device security -

Dev kit software simplifies IoT device security

Part of the STM32 Nucleo ecosystem, STMicroelectronics’ STSafe-A100 evaluation pack provides reusable source code to simplify the creation of secure IoT devices, IT accessories, and consumer products. Along with the STSW-STSA100 software package, the evaluation kit comes with the X-Nucleo-STSA100 expansion board, which includes an on-board STSafe-A100 secure element.

Highly resistant to cyber-attacks, the STSafe-A100 secure element offers robust, immutable, hardware-based authentication and secure data-management services to a host system. It features a secure operating system running on a CC EAL5+ certified secure microcontroller, symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, crypto key management, and built-in protection against physical and side-channel attacks.

The evaluation pack’s companion software includes device drivers, STM32 microcontroller source code, and STSafe-A100 source code for use cases, such as brand and ecosystem protection, device enrollment, and secure cloud connection. Using the STSafe-A100 evaluation pack in conjunction with any STM32 Nucelo development board, designers can team the STSafe-A100 secure element with a variety of STM32 microcontrollers, sensors, and actuators to protect products ranging from simple IoT endpoints to industrial network and control equipment, wearables, and mobile accessories.

The STSafe-A100 evaluation pack costs $35. Access to the STSW-STSA100 software package is free at

STSAFE-A100 product page


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>> This article originally appeared on our sister site, EDN: “Kit eases secure-element integration.”

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