Dev platform targets secure in-vehicle connectivity -

Dev platform targets secure in-vehicle connectivity

Lynx Software Technologies has ported its LynxSecure real-time development platform to the Kontron EvoTRAC G103 in-vehicle cellular and WiFi gateway for commercial and specialist vehicles. LynxSecure offers multicore CPU hardware virtualization to allow application developers to consolidate system functions onto hardware platforms, such as the EvoTRAC G103, and to construct modular systems based on bare metal, real-time, and general-purpose operating system workloads.

Unlike general-purpose operating systems and hypervisors, LynxSecure presents a minimal attack surface and offers the hardware-supported separation needed to ensure that interfaces, like CANbus, and associated applications are safely and securely separated from the cellular interface. In addition to application partitioning, LynxSecure provides trusted application protection, multichannel network isolation, multicore processing, hardware virtualization support, platform consolidation, and real-time execution control.

The connectivity capabilities of the Kontron EvoTRAC G103 enable a wide range of in-vehicle management, remote access, and cloud-based applications for the automotive aftermarket, as well as off-highway and fleet-management markets. EvoTRAC G103 can be deployed to provide ready access to important information for operators to use to keep drivers safe, lower fuel consumption, and effectively manage maintenance costs.

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