Developer kit targets ST ARM-based MCUs -

Developer kit targets ST ARM-based MCUs

Cambridge, UK — STMicroelectronics and ARM have released a ARM RealView Developer Kit for design engineers using ST's general purpose 32-bit microcontroller products. The development and debug kit is based on components of the ARM RealView Developer Suite product with functionality tailored to the specific requirements of STMicroelectronics' products.

The kit for provides a complete environment for the development and debug of ST ARM core-based MCU target applications, and is comprised of a targeted compiler, a targeted GUI debugger and the ST specific RealView ICE Micro Edition JTAG run control device.

While the RealView Developer Kit is constrained to work with STMicroelectronics product only, it provides the same compiler optimizations and debug facilities as the RealView Developer Suite product, to enable developers to reduce system memory cost, through smaller code size and increased system performance, without a dramatic increase in power consumption.

The kit will initially enable work with the recently announced STR71XF and STR72x products, based on an ARM7 microprocessor family-based core, with support for future generations of additional ARM microprocessor-based MCUs from STMicroelectronics.

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