Developer package synthesizes C for FPGAs -

Developer package synthesizes C for FPGAs


Abingdon, UK — A C synthesis tool package that provides a low-cost entry point into C-based system-level design has been developed by Celoxica. The Platform Developer's Package (PDP) allows engineers to target C algorithms to off-the-shelf development boards or evaluate C-based design methodologies.

PDP provides cycle-accurate design simulation and C-based synthesis to FPGA logic and is an entry-level version of Celoxica's DK Design Suite of system design tools. PDP also includes a board support package for targeting designs to one of several supported development boards.

Jeff Jussel, vice president of marketing at Celoxica, said, “The tool quickly transforms the high-level design models into FPGA hardware and proves the quality of that implementation in a real system prototype.”

Board support packages are available for the Celoxica RC200 and RC2000 development boards and for the Altera NIOS development board. The RC200/RC2000 development boards include a Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA. The RC200 Programmable SoC board connects to the development software via a built-in 10/100 Ethernet while the RC2000 ISA PCI board and is used for testing and acceleration of algorithms in hardware.

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