Development board spotlights Tsi568A serial switch -

Development board spotlights Tsi568A serial switch

Ottawa, Ontario—A development platform built around Tundra Semiconductor Corp.'s Tsi568A serial RapidI/O system interconnect switch gives system architects, board designers, and software developers a low-cost, stand-alone card for rapid prototyping of next-generation interconnect systems when used with other members of Tundra’s RapidIO System Interconnect family.

Designed, built, and sold by Silicon Turnkey Express, the Tsi568A development platform is powered from a standard ATX supply and works with off-the-shelf processing and I/O boards to create a proof-of-concept system, application software development environment, customer demonstration, or interoperability testing suite. The board incorporates AMC, SMA, HIP, and 4x I/O differential cable connectors.

Part of Tundra’s RapidIO System Interconnect family and based on the Serial RapidIO Specification, the Tsi568A switch features an 80-Gbits/s aggregate bandwidth. It is designed for use in embedded computing applications including DSP aggregation and backplane interconnections for wireless; networking; storage; military and industrial automation systems and conforms to open architectural standards such as AdvancedTCA and VITA VXS.

The Tsi568A incorporates a serdes function, error recovery, priority-based fabric routing, high payload efficiency, and table-based fabric packet routing. In addition, the Tsi568A supports RapidFabric extensions including data streaming packet switching for interworking and encapsulation.

The Tsi568A development platform is available now for $3,500 from Silicon Turnkey Express.

Silicon Turnkey Express , 1-440-461-4700,

Tundra Semiconductor Corp. , 1-613-592-0714,

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