Development kit helps craft dye sublimation printers -

Development kit helps craft dye sublimation printers

San Mateo, Calif.—The SKRRPP-DS rapid prototyping platform from TAK Imaging is said to pack all the hardware and software needed to speed the development of next-generation dye sublimation printers. At the heart of the kit is the company's S1 system-on-chip that processes a 4-Mpixel print in 2.4 seconds.

The package includes development tools for the S1 chip's ARM and VersaRISC controllers, as well as imaging software and application support for PCs, memory cards, and PictBridge-enabled cameras.

In addition to compilers, linkers, and debuggers, the development tools include a performance analyzer and a simulator for the chip's DSP-based image processing engine. The simulator lets you fine tune the DSP algorithm for peak performance while the imaging software helps you to write and debug code for tasks that range from creating a GUI to programming different engines.

A key feature touted for the SKRRPP-DS is its highly flexible interface that connects seamlessly to all types of dye diffusion thermal transfer engines. The package also includes schematics, application notes, design tips, and training.

Prices for the SKRRPP-DS rapid prototyping platform depend on the particular configuration chosen for the S1 chip. Contact the company for details.

TAK Imaging , 1-650-350-1100,

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