Development kit secures non-PC embedded applications -

Development kit secures non-PC embedded applications


San Jose, Calif.—Atmel Corp. announced an embedded development kit for CryptoController, Atmel's Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for non-PC embedded applications.

Developers will have the ability to easily integrate the security provided by TPMs into embedded designs. This kit simplifies code development for communicating with CryptoController, providing a jumpstart for embedded developers who have little or no experience with TPMs.

The CryptoController development kit includes a small TPM SMBus module board mounted on an AT90USBKEY board; a standard A to mini B USB device cable; a mini A to receptacle A USB host adapter; 9-Volt battery alternate supply cable; and USB flash drive containing documentation and demonstration software. The USB interface provides trouble free connectivity and flexibility. Designers can initiate code development using any PC to build a hardware root of trust in any embedded system.

Pricing: $99.
Availability: Now.
Product information: CryptoController (TPM).


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