Development kit supports VxWorks RTOS -

Development kit supports VxWorks RTOS


Arcom has launched a board-support package (BSP) development kit to support Wind River's VxWorks 5.5 real-time operating system (RTOS). The development kit strategy lets designers quickly create VxWorks based applications using a reliable reference platform and a production ready product. The Pegasus VxWorks development kit includes a complete BSP to support VxWorks 5.5, as well as the Tornado installation wizard. Using standard Tornado II development tools, designers can quickly create a reliable run-time operating system image to download into the resident 16-Mbyte flash-memory drive. The kit includes the 133-MHz Pegasus PC/104 single-board computer fitted with 32 Mbytes SDRAM and 16 Mbytes of flash, a PSU, serial and Ethernet cables, a quick-start manual, and the VxWorks BSP installation/development kit CD. More information is available at

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