Designing with wired or wireless networks for M2M and other embedded designs and the protocols to use.


Routing and data diffusion in VANETs -- Security standards

For dynamic networks such as VANETs, the ability of clients to interoperate securely is paramount. Already finding use in some vehicle networking Read More


Routing and data diffusion in VANETs -- Security requirements

In providing diverse services including accident prevention, multimedia and Internet access, VANETs not only need to provide mechanisms for Read More


Routing and data diffusion in VANETs -- Routing protocols

The high velocity of vehicles and their specific motion have been taken into account in the design of specific VANET routing protocols as discussed Read More


Routing and data diffusion in VANETs -- Routing mechanisms

In creating vehicular ad hoc networks, designers need to use robust routing mechanisms capable of maintaining wireless connectivity among vehicles Read More


Routing and data diffusion in VANETs -- Signal disturbance

In wireless networks, the environment plays a significant role in network performances because it disturbs the signal propagation. Thus, Read More


Routing and data diffusion in vehicular ad hoc networks

In creating a VANET, engineers face issues as varied as the physics of signal propagation, the fluid nature of data routing, and the security Read More


Optimizing LoRa radio performance for embedded devices

Whether developing a wearable device or industrial battery powered equipment, maximizing range and robustness while minimizing power consumption is Read More


Designing a QDR-IV SRAM-based statistics counter IP for network traffic management

Statistics counters require high-performance memories that can accommodate multiple read-modify-write operations. This implementation uses an Read More


BLE modules simplify IoT design

In this two-part series EP explores how to maximize the benefits of using a BLE module in IoT design and offers some selection guidance. Read More


BLE module selection guide

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module selection, Part 2. Read More


Taming erratic cellular latency with "extreme asynchronous" IoT firmware design

Incorporating a self-contained cellular module into an IoT device's design has many advantages, but the inherent delays in the cellular network need Read More


Bluetooth low energy (BLE) fundamentals

Bluetooth low energy the intelligent, power-friendly version of Bluetooth wireless technology making smart gadgets compact, affordable, and less Read More


RS-485 meets high-speed requirements in industrial systems

RS-485 is the chosen physical layer standard for numerous industrial communication systems. Here we look at the key design considerations engineers Read More


10 Things NOT to do when embedding a web server

HTTP is the most common protocol but small devices can't simply handle all that we want them to and there are other ways to achieve connectivity. Read More


Simplifying universal serial bus connectivity with USB bridge devices

There's a no-hassle approach for adding USB to any embedded solution, with no need for USB expertise or firmware development, enabling faster times Read More


Embedded email

Here's an approach that enables some quite imaginative functionality to be added to devices with minimal effort and cost. Read More


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