Power Optimization

Optimizing the power requirements for efficient designs while matching performance targets.


Reducing MCU power consumption without compromising response times

MCUs with autonomous peripherals can reduce software complexity while delivering faster response times at lower clock speeds and using less power. Read More


Reaping the benefits of instant-on FPGAs

Instant-on devices can operate in the early points of the system voltage’s power-up curve and serve a vital function in supporting complex power-on Read More


Balancing memory performance and power consumption in IoT applications

A new generation of IoT devices are revolutionizing the way devices function and communicate but neither the components designed for high performance Read More


Battery monitoring with ultra low power comparators

Small button- or coin-cell batteries power many of the portable consumer electronics in use today. This article discusses how some simple, low-power Read More


Powering patient-connected equipment

This paper discusses two approaches for power systems within medical equipment for patient-connected applications. Read More


USB Type-C and power delivery 101 – Power delivery protocol

The USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) specification can lower the cost and simplify the implementation of power delivery over USB. In this article, we Read More


USB Type-C and power delivery 101 – Ports and connections

When paired with the new Power Delivery (PD) specification, Type-C offers enhancements to the existing USB 3.1 interconnect that lower the cost and Read More


Accurate measurement of battery state-of-charge

This article examines how fuel gauging technology has evolved such that now technology exists that provides an accurate reading of battery Read More


A close look at a faulty notebook battery

A reader offered to do further debugging on a previously mentioned faulty laptop battery and his conclusion might surprise you. Read More


Maintaining bus voltage using a bidirectional DC/DC regulator and supercapacitor charger

This LTC design note shows how to combine a supercapacitor charge controller with a robust DC-DC to make a wide input-range supply with transient Read More


Managing power supply sequencing and supervision, part 2

LTpowerPlay is the best way to interface with the LTC2937 over the I2C bus. Read More


Managing power supply sequencing and supervision, part 1

This article walks through common scenarios and how to successfully apply the features of the LTC2937 power supply sequencer and supervisor. Read More


Power system management with Linduino

Linduino is a great way to get started learning the basics of PSM programming. Read More


Power optimization for battery-less BLE beacons

Energy harvesting can power BLE beacons but designers need to optimize power consumption in every aspect of the embedded system. Read More


Exploring design methodologies for next-generation IoT sensors

IoT sensor SoCs will need to leverage adaptive techniques for efficient, autonomous data collection with the lowest possible power consumption. Read More


Solving power management of multiprocessor systems with the eXtensible Energy Management Interface

XEMI offers standard approach for managing system power in scalable heterogeneous multiprocessor systems. Read More


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Tech Papers
  • Electronica

    News and blogs about happenings from Electronica, the annual electronics conference held in Europe. Read More

    Designing for low power

    Selected articles on designing for low-power embedded systems. Topics include low-power, energy harvesting, battery longevity, and sleep modes. Read More

  • Forget IoT, Focus on AFE

    The maniacal focus on the Internet of Things diverts our attention from the quality of the content we receive which is determined not by the means by which we receive, it but by the source from which it came. Forget the roads and shipping lanes... Read More

    Inside a New Architecture for USB Type-C Applications

    This white paper proposes a new system architecture using a buck-boost voltage regulator and a combo battery charger. It also discusses how this architecture simplifies design and fully supports all USB-C functions and describes how to apply this... Read More

    Must Reads: Motor Control

    As microcontrollers become more powerful and come with enhanced software libraries, controlling BLDC motors can be easily done without becoming a motor expert. The editors at AspenCore have compiled a series of informational articles, including a... Read More

    New System Brings Improved Longevity and Performance in DC Fans

    Read this white paper to learn how CUI's omniCOOL™ system bridges the cost-performance gap between traditional sleeve and ball fan bearings, thanks to the combination of its magnetic structure and enhanced sleeve bearing design. Read More

    Optimizing Power Design Through MOSFET Efficiency and Integration

    This paper discusses how the DTMOS IV process, based on deep trench filling technology, reduces the amount of process steps, saving cost and improving performance of the superjunction MOSFETs at the same time. Read More

  • Technologies for Wearable and Clinical Vital Signs Monitoring

    Vital Signs Monitoring (VSM) can be found in a broad range of markets and use cases, and each of them have their challenges and key requirements. Analog Devices is providing technologies to address these applications and markets. This webinar... Read More

    Simplify Power Designs with Micromodule Products

    This webcast explains our µModule DC/DC power products. They are complete system-in-package (SiP) power management solutions with integrated DC/DC controller, power transistors, input and output capacitors, compensation components and inductor... Read More

    The Power of Energy Monitoring in Industry 4.0

    Energy is an essential component in the operations of any business, and even more so within industrial markets. Did you know that energy monitoring isn't just about metering power consumption? While a lot of value can be drawn from understanding... Read More

    Taking the Next Level in Multicopter Solutions

    Infineon brings ready-to-use multicopter solutions to a high potential emerging market. By providing an excellent experience and offering cost-effective and complete system solutions, Infineon is consequently working on meeting the requirements... Read More

    Half Bridge and Gate Driver Measurements

    The faster switching transitions on modern power devices has made measuring and characterizing a considerable challenge, and in some cases, impossible. IsoVu technology from Tektronix allows designers to accurately measure half bridge and gate... Read More

  • Performance Optimization of DC Link Systems

    This on-demand webinar will review the design of the DC Link System using optimized solutions based on integrated capacitor-busbar technology from Rogers Corporation. Read More

    Fundamental: BLDC System Design: Discrete vs Module Solutions

    Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are replacing in many applications traditionally associated with brushed solutions, such as white goods, automobiles, and HVAC. Advantages include lower noise, longer life and improved energy efficiency. Read More

    Fundamentals of Circuit Protection: Fuses & PTCs

    Circuit protection against the consequences overvoltage and overcurrent conditions, whether due to internal or external faults and failures, is required in nearly all products spanning low-voltage battery-powered devices to high-voltage AC... Read More

    Fundamentals of Understanding and Applying IGBTs

    "Fundamentals of Understanding and Applying IGBTs" will examine the basic operation of the IGBT, and briefly compare and contrast it to the MOSFET. The course will then look it key performance parameters, drive issues, operating frequency,... Read More

    PowerArtist for Early RTL Power Analysis and Reduction

    PowerArtist is a complete RTL Design-for-Power platform with fully-integrated power analysis and automated reduction within a powerful graphical debug and Tcl-based regression framework. This presentation highlights PowerArtist’s PACE for... Read More

Forget IoT, Focus on AFE

Save & Follow 29 March 2018

The maniacal focus on the Internet of Things... Read More

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