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Flash 101: The NOR Flash electrical interface

This article continues this series on Flash with a look at the electrical interface of different types of NOR Flash devices and how they impact Read More


Flash 101: NAND Flash vs NOR Flash

Embedded system designers must take into account many considerations when selecting a Flash memory for their systems. This article series discusses Read More


Applying machine learning in embedded systems

Machine learning has evolved to become a practical engineering method if approached with a suitable appreciation of its associated requirements and Read More


Computer vision for the masses: bringing computer vision to the open web platform*

The Web is the world's most universal compute platform and the foundation for the digital economy. Read More


Implementing GPS in a radiosonde design

Implementing GPS in a design has become easier with available GPS hardware chips but the software side of the implementation can be challenging. This Read More


Launching a weather balloon design

Conventional ground-based data loggers are not effective for collecting data critical to meteorological organizations. This article describes a case Read More


Optimizing the RF feedline in PCB design

Most Wi-Fi and Bluetooth designs will appear to work during board bring‐up, even if the antenna feedline has a horrible mismatch, but then problems Read More


About breathing and real-time performance

The term performance as in MIPS and MHz can have a very different meaning in the context of real-time applications. Read More


Building a really low-cost sweeper

Make a really low-cost swept frequency tone generator using just some spare op-amp sections and no sole source parts. Read More


Lovable yet infuriating

The Altium CircuitStudio circuit board CAD program is buggy, slow to load, crashes occasionally, and has a new and infuriating user interface, but Read More


Correlating measurements to simulations

When measurements, especially in high-speed signal applications, don't match measurements, you may need to include test probes and equipment in your Read More


Building a Li-Pol battery charger using GreenPAK

A GreenPAK-based charge controller can offer needed flexibility for applications that require features beyond those available with highly specialized Read More


Using I2C GPIO expanders to enhance legacy system designs

I2C GPIO expanders provide a way to reuse existing design and add new feature sets to form an integrated automotive cockpit that combines Read More


Updating firmware reliably

Nobody likes bricked devices. Sure, a bricked device is perfectly secure, but that is hardly a consolation. So when performing firmware updates, Read More


Selecting the right hardware configuration for the signal processing platform

Early design explorations with modelling and simulation validate hardware capability to implement signal processing algorithms and can dramatically Read More


EMC and the decoupling effect

This article discusses the impact of PCB decoupling on simultaneous switching noise (SSN) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) by performing Read More


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Assembling High Current, Heavy Copper PCBs

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