Device Handler Migration and Direct Interrupt Scheduling -

Device Handler Migration and Direct Interrupt Scheduling


In “Handler Migration and Direct Interrupt Scheduling,” Jupyung Lee and Kyu Ho Park of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology describe two techniques to minimize the scheduling latency of high priority interrupt-driven tasks.

One, called the, Interrupt Handler Migration (IHM), allows the interrupt handler to be migrated from the interrupt handler thread to the corresponding target process so that additional context switch can be avoided and the cache hit ratio with respect to the data generated by the interrupt handler can be improved.

The other, the Direct Interrupt Scheduling (DIS) allows the shortest path reserved for urgent interrupt-process pairs to be laid between the interrupt arrival and target process by dividing a series of interrupt-driven operations into nondeferrable and deferrable operations.

Both the IHM and DIS can operate concurrently and can be applied to all kinds of interrupt handlers with no modification to reduce the scheduling latency, as well as resolve the interrupt-driven priority inversion problem.

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