Device Programmer - up to 40 times faster -

Device Programmer – up to 40 times faster

Stag announced the high speed Gang Programmer P804 , which incorporates the company's ground-breaking Sigma Blaster™ technology, making it up to 40 times faster and more 'customerisable' than any other programmer available.

With P804 , the latest Gigabit density NAND Flash devices, increasingly used in portable devices such as GPS systems, can be programmed in seconds rather than tens of minutes. In recent years there has been a trend toward in-circuit programming of devices.

This trend has resulted in a steadily reducing requirement for hardware device programmers in the production environment. Fuelled by the continuous pursuit of higher density, physically smaller devices, giving package designers the headache of how to sustain pin count, market leaders in silicon technology believe multi-cycle programming is set to become the most convenient programming solution.

Stag Instruments Ltd , London NW2 7JP, UK.

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