Device programmers embrace OneNAND flash memories -

Device programmers embrace OneNAND flash memories

Redmond, Wash.—Members of the FlashCore family of device programming systems from Data I/O Corp. are said to be the first to reach out to OneNAND flash memory devices from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Specific Data I/O programmers embracing the memory chips include the FlashPAK desktop programmer, the PS family of off-line automated handlers and programming systems, and the RoadRunner in-line programming system.

Among the features being promoted is the ability to merge multiple files from different memory types into multichip packages that include a OneNAND memory, starting with a package that includes a 256-Mbit NOR, two 256-Mbit OneNAND, and a 128-Mbit UtRAM die. In addition, the programming capability works with the memory's flash file system and thin control layer to ensure reliable operation with preprogrammed images created by Samsung's image building tool.

OneNAND flash memory chips combine ultrahigh-density NAND memory cells with a NOR interface, affording lower cost and energy consumption compared with conventional NOR flash chips.

Starting prices are less than $7,000 for the FlashPAK benchtop programmer, less than $130,000 for the PS Series of modular automated programmers, and from $70,000 to $90,000 for ProLine RoadRunner in-line systems for surface mount devices.

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