Devicescape delivers instant access to free Wi-Fi for handheld devices -

Devicescape delivers instant access to free Wi-Fi for handheld devices


Devicescape has solved a critical usability problem for multi-mode mobile phones and other Wi-Fi-enabled handheld devices: The tedious process of logging on to a public Wi-Fi connection using a small keypad.

Devicescape Connect 2.0 provides instant access to Wi-Fi hot spots anywhere in the world without the consumer having to twiddle a thumb. Manufacturers that license the software can deliver products that “out of the box” will register anonymously and then begin connecting to free and open hotspots.

Devicescape handles all of the log-in and security issues, constantly seeks hotspots, and notifies users when they have a secure and verified Wi-Fi connection.

The service is extensible to password-protected networks. Credentials can be entered once on the fly on the device or in advance via a web site. End users can even add home networks.

By combining out of the box connections to free or open hotspots with a growing choice of subscription networks, and auto-access to home and other personal networks, Devicescape 2.0 provides for network coverage that is global and fully customizable.

The software is compatible with all operator networks and can also be customized for operator partners to include network credentials “out-of-the-box.” This allows manufacturers to work with any provider around the world to distribute bundled solutions on any type of device.

Devicescape has also launched its Devicescape Developer Community where developers and device engineers can download Devicescape SDK source code for free via a simple online form and license agreement available at

Devicescape 2.0 is in the Devicescape SDK and ready for download for Windows laptops, Nokia series 60 devices, and will be available shortly for Windows Mobile Smartphones. Devicescape is also available for Mac OSX, Apple iPhone and iPod touch, and NokiaInternet Tablets.

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