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dhs tools to sell the video interface test tools of Unigraf


dhs ELMEA tools has signed a distribution agreement which entitles it to sell the video interface test tools of Unigraf throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Unigraf is highly regarded as a supplier of equipment for R&D, production and compliance testing of video electronics equipment such as computers, mobile phones, monitors, televisions, set-top boxes and graphics chipsets. Its products are used for testing DisplayPort, HDMI, LVDS and Vx1 video interfaces. Unigraf’s new UCD-340 provides a unique set of capabilities for production testing of USB Type-C interfaces. Its UCD-400 is a fully featured DisplayPort 1.4 test tool which includes DP 1.4 Link Layer and HDCP 2.2 CTS tests.

Operating in the specialised fields of protocol testing, high-speed communications testing, power analysis and electronics test, dhs offers a high level of technical expertise to help customers choose the right tool for their application and to make sound investments in test equipment assets. The broad range of products that dhs supplies includes protocol analyzers from suppliers including Ellisys and Serialtek, network test and analysis tools from companies such as VeEX, Calnex, Cubro and Packetstorm, and electronics test instruments and power analyzers from Kikusui, Dana, Noiseken and Rigol.

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