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Diab achieves Automotive SPICE Level 2 compliiance

Wind River has released the latest version of its Diab C compiler featuring certification of Level 2 of the Automotive SPICE process assessment model.

In support of the release it has also made available a kit to allow users of the Diab C compiler to achieve qualification for the ISO 26262 automotive safety standard. Automotive SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination ) is a framework for assessing software development processes for automotive applications.

It is a reference model for the maturity models (consisting of capability levels which in turn consist of the process attributes and further consist of generic practices) against which the assessors can place the evidence that they collect during their assessment, so that the assessors can give an overall determination of the organization's capabilities for delivering products (software, systems, and IT services.

A team from Continental AG, a leading automotive industry supplier, conducted the most recent Automotive SPICE assessment.

“As cars become more sophisticated, taking measures to stay on top of the latest automotive quality and safety requirements is essential,” said Achim Hoenow, head of software supplier quality management at Continental Automotive GmbH.

“The increasing complexity of automotive electronic systems and adoption of safety standards such as ISO 26262 requires the highest levels of software quality,” said Graham Morphew, director of product management of tools and lifecycle solutions at Wind River.

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