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Digi announces availability of ConnectCore 8X development kits


Digi International announced the full availability of its Digi ConnectCore 8X development kits. Digi International introduced the Digi ConnectCore 8X, a powerful, secure and cost-effective off-the-shelf SBC with support for Linux and Android, as a connected system solution concept for device manufacturers building edge-intelligent products. Now, development kits are widely available to deliver on the Digi promise of Hardware-Enabled, Software-Defined connectivity solutions.

The Digi ConnectCore 8X offers cloud and edge-compute services integration while reducing time-to-market by eliminating traditional risk, effort, and complexity of custom board designs without sacrificing flexibility or capabilities. Purpose-built for demanding IoT environments, the Digi ConnectCore 8X provides a complete and secure system platform to build connected intelligent devices.

The Digi ConnectCore 8X development kit is now available for evaluation and testing. The kit includes ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro w/dual-Ethernet, console port cable, power supply, and 2 dual-band antennas.

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