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Digi offers ruggedized M2M network devices


Minnetonka, Minn. – DigiInternational has introduced introduced a line of wired and wirelessmachine-to-machine (M2M) network devices designed for reliableoperation in hazardous environments. 

The new product line includes the Digi Connect WAN IA cellular router,XTend radio frequency (RF) modem, PortServer TS Haz serial server andDigi One IAP Haz serial server. 

According to Larry Kraft, senior vice president of global sales andmarketing, Digi International, .the devices are designed to networkenable devices in
manufacturing and industrial environments where exposure to volatileliquids
and gases and severe temperature ranges is common.

The new devices are Class 1, Division 2 rated, certifying them for usein
environments where volatile flammable liquids, vapors or gases mayexist.
Industries exhibiting these characteristics include power distribution,oil and
gas, water/wastewater, pharmaceutical, food and beverage andagribusiness
to name a few. 

They also feature conformal coating, a spray-on treatment applied tothe printed circuit assembly (PCA) that provides a  protectivebarrier against moisture and corrosion.  The products are alsorated and lab tested to meet extended operating temperatures typicallyrequired in industrial environments. 

The Digi Connect WAN IA can operate in temperatures between -30° Cand 70° C, the XTend RF modem between -40° C and 85° C, andthe PortServer TS Haz and Digi One IAP between -35° C and 74° C.

The Digi Connect WAN IA is an Ethernet-to-cellular router with built in
Modbus that provides enterprise backup and primary connectivity todevices
in remote locations and features industrial hardware/softwarecomponents.

Ideal for any environment where running a cable is difficult such ascrossing a
highway, the XTend RF modem provides serial cable replacement over a
900MHz RF connection and can provide up to 40 miles of range in line-of-
sight conditions.

The PortServer TS Haz serial server provides high-performanceserial-to- Ethernet connectivity and makes it easy to connect one tofour serial devices to a network.  The Digi One IAP Haz providesserial-to-Ethernet connectivity and a protocol bridge to allowinteroperability of  industrial serial and Ethernet devices.

To learn more, go to www.digi.com/applications/hazardous/.

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