Digital Core Design releases USB Human Interface Design Platform -

Digital Core Design releases USB Human Interface Design Platform

Digital Core Design’s USB HID Design Platform is a complete and integrated solution designed to ease development of USB-based Human Interface Devices. DCD’s solution enhances Internet of Things (IoT) projects with a software stack optimized with an ultra-low power DP8051 8-bit CPU.


  • DUSB2 peripheral controller, designed to support 12 Mb/s “Full Speed” (FS) and 480 Mb/s “High Speed” (HS) serial data transmission rates
  • DP8051XP ultra high performance, speed optimized, fully customizable 8051 8-bit microcontroller with built-in DoCDTM debug IP core
  • Human Interface Devices software stack optimized for DP8051XP 8-bit CPU
  • FPGA board with ready to use, preprogrammed example HID application
  • HAD2 – DoCDTM Hardware Assisted Debugger board
  • DoCDTM Debug Software
  • DoCDTM driver for Keil development software
  • DoCDTM driver for IAR development software

The USB HID Design Platform supports UTMI Transceiver Macrocell Interface as well as low cost Full Speed Macrocells. It’s been stacked with the DP8051 DCD’s IP Core, which guarantees 100% software compatibleness with ’51 industry standard. The same engineers gets up to 256 bytes of internal (on chip) Data Memory, up to 64K bytes of internal (on chip) or external (off chip) program memory, along with up to 16M bytes of external (off chip) data memory and a programmable Program Memory Wait States for wide range of memories speed.

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