Digital temperature sensor features high accuracy, low power -

Digital temperature sensor features high accuracy, low power


STMicroelectronics has launched its STTS22H temperature sensor with typical temperature-reading accuracy of 0.25°C and low operating and standby current. The device enhances temperature and heat-flow monitoring in asset trackers, shipping-container loggers, HVAC systems, air humidifiers, refrigerators, building-automation systems, and smart consumer devices.

The STTS22H is I2C and SMBus 3.0 compliant, and supports flexible operating modes including configurable output data rate (ODR) down to 1 Hz, a power-saving one-shot mode, and an interrupt pin that supports SMBus alert response address (ARA). This allows the sensor, as an SMBus slave, to signal the application if a user-programmed upper or lower temperature threshold is exceeded, said STMicroelectronics. Programmable I²C/SMBus slave addresses allow up to two STTS22H sensors to share the same bus.

The device offers very low power consumption. It draws only 2.0 µA at 1 Hz ODR and 1.75 µA during periodic one-shot measurements, which extends the runtime of battery-powered devices. In standby mode with the serial port inactive, the STTS22H draws only 0.5 µA (typical). In addition, the 1.5-V to 3.6-V operating-voltage range allows use with various power sources such as a small lithium cell.

The fast-acting sensor offers a conversion time of 5 ms, and provides 16-bit temperature data. Devices come factory-calibrated and maintain the 0.25°C typical accuracy over the temperature range of -10°C to 60°C, eliminating any need for user calibration, according to the company.

The STTS22H, packaged in a 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.5 6-lead UDFN, is priced at $0.49 for orders of 1000 units.

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