Digital video tester uses Linux -

Digital video tester uses Linux

Finland — Divitron is using MontaVista Linux in its AURA portable field test and monitoring receiver for Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial (DVB-T) network builders and operators. It provides the basic DVB-T measurements in real-time.

Matti Lipsanen, CEO of Divitron, said, “MontaVista adds great value to the open source code by providing us with the right tools and tested support packages for our chosen processor, the IBM Set-Top Box (STB) Integrated Controller.”

In future the AURA technology may be of use in the transportation and car industries, as well as in consumer products.

Divitron was founded in 2002 with initial seed funding from the Nokia Early Stage Technology Fund. It uses research and development done at Nokia and continues with the development of technologies that are strategically important to Nokia.

The AURA product is undergoing final testing and is in trials with customers this month and will be officially launched in September 2003.

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