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Discera MEMS clock generator device doesn’t need quartz

MEMS maker Discera Inc.  has introduced a MEMS-based clock generator device it claims eliminates the need for a quartz crystal and will reduce the size and cost of such functions in such functions.

The DSC557-03 is capable of delivering 100-MHz differential output clocks (XO) with phase jitter as low as 0.15 picoseconds and 10 parts-per-million stability up to temperatures as high as 125 degrees C.

The MEMS device is designed to eliminate the external quartz crystal along with capacitors and tuning resistors, saving space in communications, storage and networking devices. It also draws 25 percent less power and provides 65 percent lower jitter than quartz crystals.

The DSC557-03 is available now in 16 pin drop-in replacements for popular quartz crystals, or a 14-pin QFP that uses 77 percent less board space.

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