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Display device for smartphones boasts low energy Bluetooth


Dayton Industrial Co. Ltd has announced its Portable Control Display Device (PCDD), a production-ready watch and touchscreen display device. The new device can control smartphones and installed apps from a user's wrist using Bluetooth low energy (which includes Bluetooth Smart) wireless technology delivered by the Nordic nRF51822 SoC .

The Dayton PCDD allows anyone who owns a smartphone with the latest version 4.0 of Bluetooth (that includes Bluetooth low energy or Bluetooth Smart as a hallmark feature) will have a secondary bi-directional wireless smartphone control and display interface on their wrist that features a high resolution (240 x 240 pixel) TFT (thin film transistor). The TFT provides a full color active matrix touchscreen LCD display and Bluetooth low energy wireless connectivity, alongside auto-activation 3D motion sensing, an auto-dimming ambient light sensor, 3m smartphone range, and support for up to eight ANT+ wireless peripherals.

The nRF51822's ULP performance and integration enables the Dayton PCDD to deliver up to two days (43 hours) of operating life from a built-in 3.7V lithium-polymer USB or mains rechargeable battery, and all within a slim (1.35cm-thick) and compact (4.8 x 4.4cm) anodized aluminum watch form-factor casing.

This production-ready product platform features a fully customizable, proprietary OS powered by a higher performance ARM9-based embedded CPU core with AVDSP video processing engine and 2D graphics processor. This allowsdevelopers to display almost any type of information they wish on the PCDD's display, and offer wrist-based control of almost any smartphone or app feature.

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