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Display system projects handsets images and video


Display and project your mobile phone images using the Project-a-Phone, developed by a company of the same name. This portable imaging system links the screen image of any popular cell phone or handheld communications device to a PC for group presentations. It can display a resolution up to 800 by 600 pixels and deliver 30-frame/s video.

The solution securely clamps mobile phones and handheld devices in place and delivers a video image of the screen to a computer, so the image can be displayed on a monitor, projected on a screen or shared through the Web. It provides easy access to controls while stabilizing the handheld device to conduct presentations or use the Project-a-Phone software to record demonstrations or take screen shots.

The software displays live video, records video and audio, takes still images individually or in a programmed sequence, and can display multiple screens simultaneously. The total package including software and carrying case sells for $199 with quantity discounts available. For more information, visit www.projectaphone.com.

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