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DISPLAYS – OSRAM LX LEDs enable ultra slim LCD-based TVs and monitors

At the LEDs2009 Conference, OSRAM Opto Semiconductor added to its Olson family of high-brightness products with a new compact LED that targets ultra-slim, edge-lit, flat-panel applications.

The Olson LX family measures a compact 3x3x1.6 mm, but delivers light output in the range of 75 to 90 lm when driven at 350 mA. The 1W-class device integrates a polynomial lens with a beam angle of 125, and achieves 80% injection efficiency into the light guide. The Olson LX targets TV and computer monitor applications with screen sizes ranging to 65 in.

At the conference, OSRAM will also exhibit the Olson SSL family with 100-lm/W luminous efficiency for solid-state lighting applications. The company will showcase the Olson SX and MX families for automotive applications. All of the Olson products are based on ceramic packages with silicone molded lens. The package and lens offer 95% out coupling efficiency.

Learn more about high-brightness LEDs in general, LED applications, and LED drive circuits at the EE Times LEDs and Lighting Virtual Conference. Scheduled for Oct 21, 2009, the all-day event features a keynote address entitled “The Transition to Solid State Lighting” along with a series of interactive panel discussions, virtual booths, and chat sessions with peers. An archive of the event will be available after Oct 21.

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