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Dixons dumps analog radios


LONDON — Consumer electrical retailer, Dixons, is discontinuing the sale of analog radios in the U.K. following the substantial growth in the sale of digital radios, and expansion in the number and range of digital transmitters.

Dixons said in December 2003 that digital radios were outselling analog tuners for the first time and Digital radios are now outselling analogue radios by 30:1 on the company's web site.

The company also says a number of other products are 'endangered species' including the personal CD player and the 'boom box, reflecting the changes that the MP3 player and the iPod are making on the portable audio market.

“The traditional radio has been a huge part of home life in the U.K., through good times and bad, over the last 100 years. Some of the most pivotal events in our history have been communicated to UK homes from analogue radio transmitters to wirelesses in homes around the U.K.”, said Nick Wilkinson, Group managing director for Dixons. “There is probably no other piece of technology that conjures such a powerful mental image as the old wireless perched on the mantelpiece with the family gathered around it.”

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