DO-178B qualification pack targets QA.C -

DO-178B qualification pack targets QA.C

Programming Research (PRQA), used Embedded Live to announce the availability of a DO-178B Qualification Pack for QA·C, designed to help accelerate customers’ time to certification.

This QA·C qualification pack joins the QA·C++ Qualification Pack launched in 2009 and will enable projects to effectively obtain certification credit for the DO-178B objectives:

  • A-5 (4) Source Code conforms to standards; 
  • A-5 (6) Source Code is accurate and consistent.

The QA·C Qualification Pack consists of tool qualification plan (TQP), tool operational requirements (TOR), and tool qualification data (TQD) documents. 

The pack is also accompanied by a user-invoked Certification Report to provide users with automated project based artefact documentation. 

“DO178B is considered the world’s strictest software standard and automating manual processes are the only effective way of ensuring the required level of software quality is met,” said Fergus Bolger, CTO of Programming Research. 

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