DOS enhancement adds Internet access -

DOS enhancement adds Internet access

Bothell, Wash. — Datalight, Inc. has embellished its ROM-DOS 7.1 operating system with a kernel it calls SOCKETS, a compact TCP/IP stack to hoist embedded devices onto the Internet; even devices built around a simple 80186-type CPU and a small amount of RAM and nonvolatile memory.

The SOCKETS kernel embodies applications for exchanging e-mail, transferring files using FTP or HTTP, running a remote console, and controlling the operating system and applications by a remote Web browser. As a result, systems running the enhanced DOS can be remotely monitored and controlled using e-mail. In addition, notifications can be delivered to a server that monitors many systems or to an operator's e-mail address, cell phone, or pager. SOCKETS accommodates both IPv4 and emerging IPv6 protocols. In addition, a “build” utility, Sbuild, lets developers create custom SOCKETS kernels.

Single-user versions of ROM-DOS are available free of charge. A software developer's kit sells for $1,250, with upgrades to previous kits priced at $750.

Datalight, Inc. , 1-800-221-6630,

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