Drive smartphone apps into mid-range handsets -

Drive smartphone apps into mid-range handsets


The Jaluna OSwareT, Linux Edition for ARM9 will drive smart phone capabilities into mid-range phones. OEMs that leverage the software suite can add such functions as Web browsing, e-mail, calendaring, and high-end multimedia applications such as video.

Jaluna OSware, Linux Edition for ARM9 offers a virtualization solution that enables wireless handset makers to develop ARM9 core-based embedded Linux software that can leverage legacy software and existing modem protocol stacks; preserve native RTOS and Linux native behaviors; and allow multiple operating systems and their respective applications to co-exist and interoperate on the same device.

By supporting ARM technology, Jaluna preserves RTOS and Linux native behaviors and provides advanced features for mobile phones, including power management, fine-grain OS scheduling, and cross-OS communication. It's available today. For more information and pricing, visit the Web site at

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