Drivers add audio, video support to RTOS -

Drivers add audio, video support to RTOS


A pair of drivers add USB support for the Nucleus real-time operating system (RTOS). The USB audio and video class drivers are designed so that developers can quickly and easily build USB-compliant devices that incorporate streaming audio and/or video functionalities. Developed by Accelerated Technology, the drivers enable a wide range of complex, multimedia-based devices. By using USB for audio or video streaming, a developer needs to implement just one Nucleus USB class driver instead of a separate driver for each device. Typical applications include voice telephony, audio playback, and recording. Applications for the video driver include simple webcams, digital camcorders, digital video cameras, and TV tuners.

The Nucleus embedded software is licensed with source code and without royalty fees. Available now, licenses for the Nucleus USB software start at $14,995 and licenses for the class drivers begin at $2995. For more information, visit

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