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Drop-in compatible SDI products debut for the broadcast video market


Newport Beach, Calif.—Mindspeed Technologies Inc. announced a family of Serial Digital Interface (SDI) devices for progressive high-definition (3G/2xHD), high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) broadcast video serial transport applications.

Mindspeed's 3G/HD/SD family enables a more cost-effective migration to the high-definition market from existing standard-definition infrastructure equipment.

The products join a family of video SDI and video crosspoint switch devices that enable a full spectrum of applications in video routing switchers, distribution amplifiers, large production switchers and other broadcast video equipment. The products offer pin-for-pin electrical and functional compatibility with competing legacy solutions so that they can be used as drop-in replacements.

Mindspeed's broadcast video media-interface products include the M21324, a single-channel video cable equalizer and the M21328, a single-channel video cable driver that support 3G/HD/SD applications at 143 Mbit/s to 2.97 Gbit/s data rates. The chipset also includes the M21315, a single-channel video reclocker making it the industry's only complete “drop in” compatible MLF/QFN SDI chipset, according to Mindspeed.

Mindspeed's physical media-interface products deliver improved system-level flexibility and design margins along with a wider operating range (-10°C to +85°C) and a significantly improved price/performance ratio. Performance is improved in all major areas compared to legacy devices, including rise/fall times; input return loss (IRL) and output return loss (ORL). Meanwhile, low-power dissipation simplifies thermal management while extending product life and reducing system costs.

Pricing: In OEM quantities of 1000, the M21324 is priced at $20, M21315 is priced at $25 and the M21328 is priced at $5. Availability: Parts are now production released and available in volume.
Datasheet: M21324, M21315 and M21328.

Mindspeed Technologies, www.mindspeed.com

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