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DSP development tool takes you back in time


As a stated on one of my blogs a few weeks ago, the goal of the DSP development tool team at Texas Instruments is not necessary to be a profitable group (although I doubt they would admit that). Their goal is to produce tools that make the developer's life as simple as possible, and in the long run, sell more DSPs. With their latest tool, that development team has hit the bull's eye. The Platinum edition of the Code Composer Studio contains a couple of unique features that could significantly reduce the time needed to track down software bugs.

The integrated development environment (IDE) contains a feature called Rewind, which lets programmers back-step through their source code to recognize a trouble spot. Rewind keeps a history of execution made by normal step and run commands. Hen a t lets the developer view the program state and run code at earlier points in the program.

A second feature integrated in the Platinum edition is called Connect/Disconnect, and it gives developers the ability to disconnect from the hardware target and restore the previous debug state upon reconnect. For example, when the hardware and software are being debugged simultaneously, the software application sometimes loses connection with the target board. With Connect/Disconnect, it's easy to dynamically connect and disconnect with the target system. This eliminates the time (and frustration) of having to reset and restart the sequence each time a failure is encountered.

This new version covers all the DSPs in TI's arsenal. It's available now for $36000. A free 120-day evaluation version is available at www.ti.com/ccstudioplatinumpr.

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