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DSP IP enhances power-efficient automotive, 5G processing

Cadence Design Systems has unveiled the Tensilica ConnX B20 DSP IP that features an enhanced instruction set architecture (ISA) and a clock speed increase. Earlier, Cadence introduced the ConnX B10 DSP, which delivers half the vector width of the ConnX B20 DSP for applications requiring less parallelism. Cadence said that the ConnX B20 DSP delivers up to 30× better performance for 5G communications and up to 10× improved performance for automotive radar/LiDAR compared to its popular Tensilica ConnX BBE32EP DSP.

Cadence claims that with a deeper processor pipeline architecture, the ConnX B20 DSP provides a faster and more power-efficient solution for automotive and 5G applications. For instance, with the clock speed increase and forward error correction (FEC) acceleration option, the ConnX B20 DSP is up to 30× faster for parts of the communication processing chain compared to the ConnX BBE32EP DSP.

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The ConnX B20 DSP architecture. (Source: Cadence Design Systems)

ArrayComm, a wireless communications software specialist, had previously developed physical layer (PHY) software for 4G LTE, Cat-M, and NB-IoT base stations using the Cadence Tensilica ConnX BBE32EP DSP. Now, ArrayComm is looking to create 5G PHY using the more efficient vector processing offered by the ConnX B20 DSP.

In the automotive space, LiDAR systems have the necessary resolution, but they are too expensive for widescale deployment. Solid-state implementations are changing that, but they need some DSP programmability as the algorithms and designs mature. Here, the ConnX B20 DSP processes parts of the radar/LiDAR processing chain up to 10× faster compared to the Tensilica ConnX BBE32EP DSP.

Key features of the ConnX B20 DSP:

  • Software compatible with the ConnX DSP family

  • 512-bit vector width up to 128 MACs, can load

  • 1,024 bits of data each cycle

  • 1.4-GHz-or-greater frequency in 16-nm process technology

  • Variety of algorithm acceleration options

  • Extended VFPU option

According to Lazaar Louis, senior director of product management and marketing for Tensilica IP at Cadence, radar imaging and 5G communications are driving the need for an order-of-magnitude increase in data throughput. “ConnX B20 and B10 DSPs extend the range of scalable, compatible DSPs optimized for complex number processing with higher clock speeds and more optimized instructions.”

Both the ConnX B20 and B10 DSPs will be available in the second quarter of 2019. Courses are available for the ConnX B10 DSP and ConnX BBE32EP DSP .

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