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DSP libraries target TI, ARM platforms


Kane Computing Ltd has signed an agreement with IntegrIT to market its optimised DSP libraries. IntegrIT's libraries are available in C source code and in binaries for Texas Instruments TMS320C54x, TMS320C55x, TMS320C64x, OMAP, DaVinci; ARM ARM7, ARM9, ARM9E; and MS Windows. The libraries include NatureDSP Math, NatureDSP Signal Library, NatureDSP 4FSK, and NatureDSP Squelch+.

NatureDSP is a fixed point math library which implements commonly used mathematical routines. This library is intended to reduce development time for DSP and digital communications engineers.

NatureDSP Signal library is a collection of signal processing routines for voice and audio processing. The library includes “filter-on-the-fly” features enabling filter synthesis in real time.

NatureDSP 4FSK is a software data pump for 4FSK/C4FM data transmission over UHF channels. It supports 4800/9600 bps data modulation formats for PMR/LMR and APCO P25 standards both for 12.5 kHz and 25 kHz channels.

NatureDSP Squelch+ provides sub-audio signaling functions for FRS, PMR446 and analogue radios. Modules include tone generation, voiceband/sub-audio filtering and pre/de-emphasis.

More information is available on from the IntegrIT (www.integrit.ru) and Kane Computing (www.kanecomputing.co.uk) web sites.

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