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DSP uses RapidIO technology to enable triple-play communications applications


AUSTIN, Texas—Freescale Semiconductor announced the MSC8144, its first digital signal processor (DSP) leveraging RapidIO® technology. Driven by the accelerated adoption of triple play services, the Freescale MSC8144, based on next-generation StarCore™ technology, directly addresses a growing need for extremely high reliability in wireline and wireless infrastructure applications.

The MSC8144 DSP is well suited for use in wireline infrastructure applications, such as carrier-class trunking and enterprise voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) media gateways and video conferencing servers. Wireless applications served by the MSC8144 include wireless voice transcoding and IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) gateways, H.324M video servers, baseband cards for 3G, Super 3G and WiMAX basestations, and Layer 2 processing in radio network controllers (RNCs).

The MSC8144 offers a number of remote debug features using RapidIO interconnect technology that helps speed development time and reduce costs. When desired, an external RapidIO device can directly access the internal memory space of the MSC8144 including DDR. In addition, RapidIO maintenance transactions can be used to configure the messaging unit or access internal register space including real-time debug and trace buffers, this enables the user to debug the device or system through an external host processor. The MSC8144 also includes a centralized performance monitoring block that the user can monitor during run time, it tracks up to 77 different types of events or errors related to the RapidIO interface.

The MSC8144 device is manufactured in CMOS 90 nm silicon on insulator (SOI) process technology. The device uses a 29 mm x 29 mm Flip Chip Ball-Grid Array (FC-BGA) package, available with lead-free spheres. Click here for the data sheet. General sampling is planned for the third quarter of 2006. Pricing in 10,000-unit quantities starts at $180.

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., +1 +1-800-521-6274, www.freescale.com .

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