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dSpace enhances HiL test software

MUNICH, Germany — Automotive software tool supplier dSpace GmbH (Paderborn, Germany) has introduced version 2.2 of its AutomationDesk test automation software. The new version widens the spectrum of analysis options for hardware-in-the-loop tests.

The new debugger helps users to verify and correct test procedures already during the implementation using step-by-step procedures. In addition, data recorded can be compared to reference data by means of an analysis library.

In order to identify open references and syntax errors, AutomationDesk allows pre-execution static analysis of the test structure. In the case of unexpected results or of test execution errors — offline at the PC as well as online in the HiL simulator — the debugger helps to track down the reason through steb-by-step execution of the test.

Developers can set randomly breakpoints in the test procedure. If a developer launches the sequence in debug mode, the execution automatically stops at the breakpoints marked before. Then he has the following options:

• run the test sequence until the next breakpoint,

• execute code blocks in single steps,

• or, in complex structured hierarchical test steps, the developer can change hierarchy levels and execute the test steps accordingly.

The values of the variables are displayed throughout the debugging process at any time and can be modified on order to continue testing with the correct values.

The new analysis library allows analyzing test data previously recorded and comparing them with reference data. The signal measured, the reference signal and the threshoolds are displayed graphically and merged into a report. The signals can be modified by applying binary operations such as add, multiply etc.

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