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dSPACE SCALEXIO supports multiple processing units

SCALEXIO, dSPACE’s latest hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) technology, has a new extension for a multi-processor (MP) simulation platform that enables users to connect several SCALEXIO multi-core processing units to create simulation platforms for real-time computation. This makes it possible to develop embedded systems that require computationally intensive, high-fidelity simulation models to handle validation and verification tasks for the ever-growing complexity in vehicle systems.

Users can also create system-level or entire-vehicle-level integration testing platforms by combining existing SCALEXIO systems used for unit-level testing, thereby leveraging available infrastructure and reducing development costs. To protect existing investments and provide computation extensibility with the latest processor technology, SCALEXIO processing units can also be coupled to dSPACE HIL systems based on DS1005, DS1006, and DS1007 processor boards.

The central element of any SCALEXIO system is the SCALEXIO processing unit for computing simulation models. SCALEXIO systems can be coupled by inter-connecting processing units via IOCNET, dSPACE's network technology. IOCNET handles the exchange of very large data volumes while maintaining low I/O latency times. It also facilitates distributed I/O connections across long distances. IOCNET is a highly efficient and cost-effective inter-processor communication protocol developed especially to meet the requirements of distributed real-time simulation platforms.

The entire simulation model, computed across the multicore, multi-processor platform, is configured with the dSPACE ConfigurationDesk tool used to deploy individual simulation models on processors. Filters can be configured to create specific views of the overall simulation model.

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