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DT adds GPS chip sets from Nemerix


London, UK — Coventry-based distributor DT Electronics has signed an exclusive UK franchise with Swiss fabless semiconductor manufacturer Nemerix. The deal will strengthen DT's communications portfolio with the addition of low power RF and baseband chips for global positioning systems (GPS). Single chip solutions will also be introduced early in 2004.

Gerry Hewitt, DT's marketing director, said, “The market for GPS is growing rapidly, particularly in automotive, marine navigation and asset tracking applications. There is also growing demand for GPS systems to be integrated into PDAs. All are potentially massive markets for us and a great deal of design work is being done in the UK.”

Under the Nemerix deal DT Electronics is appointed as both distributor and agent. This means that the distributor will be eligible for commission to reward its design-in work when product manufacture takes place outside of the UK.

William Lai, director of European sales at Nemerix, said, “I have worked with DT Electronics in previous companies and have always been impressed with their technical abilities. When there is semiconductor design-in work to be done, I consider them to be unrivalled in the UK. Our products are not only best-in-class in terms of power consumption but address one of the fastest growing electronics markets and I am confident that DT will deliver the design wins we need to achieve our business goals.”

Steve Price, technical director, DT Electronics (left) with William Lai, director of European Sales at Nemerix

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