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DTI grant for Plextek to develop low cost radar


LONDON — Cambridge-based electronics design company, Plextek, has been granted £200,000 by the Department of Trade and Industry to develop a low-cost radar system for civilian security applications.

BLightER (British Light E-scan Radar) will be a man-portable, lightweight, battery-powered radar security device that can detect moving targets from 20m to 5km within an 80degree sector range.

Plextek will use its experience of the development of commercial cost sensitive products and specialized systems to develop technology that previously has only been used in a military environment. The project aims to take an existing proof of concept demonstrator and deliver a cost-effective range of products for use in various high-end civilian security applications.

The DTI says Plextek got the grant “because the team presented a convincing case that the project was realistic and economically viable.”

Plextek’s design capabilities span the range from design and technology studies through to complete product and system design, making use of skills which cover DSP, radio, hardware, software, optoelectronics, FPGAs, ASIC and RFIC. It has developed optical telecom and datacom systems, GSM, GPRS, 3G PMR, Bluetooth and data/telemetry systems, wireless local-loop system and vehicle location systems.

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