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DTI grants to develop nanotechnology

LONDON — Eight projects across the UK are to benefit from nearly £20million from the DTI's MNT Capital Facilities Programme to help build advanced manufacturing facilities for micro and nanotechnology (MNT).

Bangor UK-LMC (Wales University), is to get £1.8million to develop novel and improved methods for creating new products using precision laser processing currently used in desktop printers, mobile telephones and plasma TV displays while the MicroBridge at Cardiff University gets £2.5million to give industry the opportunity to investigate ways of developing new products like LCDs and medical diagnostic equipment;

Applied Microengineering's Bondcentre receives £1.5million to allow wider industry access to and capatalise on bonding technology to develop improved high quality display screens and LED lights while BegbrokeNano at Oxford University gains £1.7million to provide industry with a service that allows accurate measurement and identification of products at the nanoscale.

Imperial College, UCL and NPL is to receive £4.2million for the UK-MNT-BNC to enable industry to use of state of the art nanotechnology in developing new bio-medical products, such as diagnostic medical devices and drug delivery systems.

MNT@Biocity at Nottingham University has been awarded £3.5million for pharmaceutical, medical devices and engineering sectors while, Semefab is to receive £3million to develop the technology needed for the future generation of sensors.

Nano4ce at Queen Mary College, London will receive £1.3million to assist companies to use nanotechnology in products aimed at, amongst others, the fashion, construction and film industries. Applications include stain resistant clothing and scratch resistant surfaces.

A further £20 million is due to be spent on facilities as a result of the 3rd call of the Capital Facilities Programme that opened in February 2005.

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