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DTI money committed for innovation

LONDON — U.K. business is due to get £80million next month to support technology innovation is the latest round of the Government's £370 million Technology Programme.

The funding will support collaborative research and development in seven key technology areas identified by the Technology Strategy Board as critical to the U.K.'s growth.

The competition for collaborative R&D under the Technology Programme will open next month. On the same day, the DTI will publish medium term strategies in areas in which it wants to engage business in developing further.

The strategies will aim to provide a focus and create a dialogue for taking forward activity in areas where UK business can succeed. As each area evolves, new challenges and opportunities will emerge through research, networking, regulation, standards and measurements and procurement.

The Spring 2006 technology priority areas include £9 million for novel technologies for low-cost, high efficiency electronics and lighting systems, £9million for data, scientific and medical Visualisation for innovative products and services and £12million energy efficiency technologies including building design & controls and manufacturing processes. The Technology Programme competition for collaborative research and development projects will formally open for applications at a strategy launch event, which will be held at the Barbican, in London, on April 26, this event and a series of partnering events and applicant briefings will be held in May with the support of the Research Councils, Regional Development Agencies and Devolved Administrations.

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